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Dear Fana Members / Guests 

Suddenly it is the end of June, and so with it the Summer holidays

This week the fairways have been scarified down to 10mm, this process reduces surface thatch and in turn improves surface quality and playability. The fairways this year have been superb, minimal weeds, high density, and firm. 

Greens are performing well, current height of cut (HOC) is 3.2mm, which is our Summer HOC. Speed is maintaining within target range of 9.5ft to 10ft daily. The rain next week will effect the speed therefore we will increase our rolling to maintain the levels. Green firmness is excellent and well within target range, the greens are firm but receptive. 

All new Tees are open, the 5th hole in particular is incredible, a fantastic improvement both from a visual perspective, and playability. 

Next week the greens will be aerated Monday and Tuesday, aeration will be solid tine and sand dressing. The greens will be continually rolled after aeration to return to target performance levels.   

Happy golfing. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Summer