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Dear Fana Members / Guests 

What an incredible week of weather we are having, and it is set to continue through the weekend. 

There has been good recovery on greens, and the performance data is reading 9.5/9.75 stimp and 95 Clegg readings which is a good level for this time in the season whilst we are still cutting at 4mm. Greens 2, 3, & 5 are the weakest greens and although recovering, they are two weeks behind all others. At the end of May, the height of cut will be reduced down to 3.5mm, at which point the aims for performance data will be 9.75/10ft and 100 Clegg.  

The grass is really coming alive and the rough is growing faster than we can cut, but the maintenance team is doing a sterling job keeping the course maintained and looking incredible. 

The new tees have had their first cut, it is expected that a full coverage will be achieved within two weeks, at which point it will be possible to begin topdressing and lowering height of cut down to 12mm. 

Our BIG MOW team member is working hard on holes 10 & 18, the fairway surfaces are fantastic, and the rough is continually cut giving a very high daily presentation. 

A very happy May 17th to you all from us here at the Maintenance department. 

Happy golfing.